17 March – 2 April, 2022

Learn to design meaningful psychologically appealing spaces with colours and learn how to probe conceived meaning, emotion, brand value, functionality, and ambience.


A recent design trend is the use of colour in an architectural environment aiming for the establishment of an emotional and psychological relationship with the user. For the designer, this entails a fundamental switch from a preoccupation with colour as a means to create space or appeal aesthetically, to what colours themselves represent to users in a spatial context. The emotional processing of colour in our brain is a complex issue for which the architect or designer usually does not have time to delve into. There is a need for a manageable approach to dealing with the design of meaning. Colour semantics for interior architecture presents the scientifically based Semantic Colour Space as a logical and practical design tool that articulates the relation between meaning, emotion, and psychology on the one hand and colour perception and colour palettes on the other.

20% discount for ICA-Belgium members.
Places are limited to only 12 participants in order to guarantee a maximum of interaction with the instructor.