ICA-Belgium invites you to join the ICD festive virtual gathering with the architect, town planner and lighting designer Isabelle Corten approaches colour as an invitation, through the lighting projects developed within her agency Radiance35.

Yulia Kovanova & Lars Koens will walk us through their Chroma Calls artwork, created at the intersection of art practice, colour theory and ecological thinking. The fine sculptures, exhibited up in the trees along the Forth & Clyde Canal in Scotlandare, are based on the colours of bird species.

Dr. Domicele Jonauskaite is an experimental colour psychologist at the University of Vienna in Austria, studying cognitive and affective connotations of colour. She will inform us on the current state of research on colour and emotion associations.

Mary Ashby-Green, Thelma van der Werff and Jeannette Hanenburg will present Colournostics – A practical approach to coaching, a unique self-empowerment tool that combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the psychology of colour.