Dr David J.C. Briggs, President of the Colour Society of Australia

Welcome to a virtual colour talk!

Date Friday, September 23
Time 1.00 – 3.00 PM (GMT + 2)
Where Zoom Meeting
No later than September 21, and you will receive a link to the meeting.

There’s Something You Should Know About Colour

A limitation of much colour education in art and design today is in its treatment of the dimensions of colour, which are commonly presented in terms of a single two-dimensional hue circle or “colour wheel”, very often in a form embodying historical beliefs about three “primary colours”. Even when colour is considered three-dimensionally, it is usually with the assumption that a single set of three colour attributes suffices for all purposes and for all modes of colour appearance. In addition, popular scientific explanations of colour perception frequently include a series of misconceptions I’ve called “The Youtube Theory of Colour Vision”.  In this presentation I will show how I explain some of the fundamentals of colour that apply across all disciplines using numerous illustrations from my online colour course and recent presentations.                                 

Dr David J. C. Briggs is President of the Colour Society of Australia, Co-chair of the AIC Study Group on Art and Design, and a member of the committee of the AIC/ISCC Colour Literacy Project. His published work includes a major website on modern colour theory for painters, The Dimensions of Colour (launched in 2007), a large curated collection of links on all aspects of colour, Colour Online (launched in 2020), a chapter on Colour Spaces in the Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour (2020) and various recent AIC, CSA and ISCC conference presentations and webinars, indexed at David has taught classes on colour for more than twenty years, including several courses for art and design undergraduates and very numerous courses for the general public, the latest of which is Understanding and Applying Colour, an eight-week online lecture course available through the National Art School, Sydney.