Colour design workshop organized by the board of ICA-Belgium

Perception, Interaction, Meaning

1 April 2023
9:30 till 16h CEST

2050 Antwerpen (available to registered participants)

A ruler, scissors or cutter, a cutting board and glue.
ICA-Belgium, AiNB & APCor members: €95
Non-members: €150
Students: €25
service fee exclusive

At least 50% of the proceeds go to supporting ICA-Belgium

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Creative professionals. Designers from architecture, interior design, graphic design, advertising, branding, product development, illustration, gaming, fashion.

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Personality Design

by Inez Michiels

Personality can be a powerful asset for design. Personality has a significant effect on our decision-making process both in marketing and industrial design. We are drawn to designs that resonate emotionally with our personality. In (interior) architecture, tailor-made spaces meeting a person’s needs will result in positive identification and client well-being. Personality likewise plays a crucial role in fashion and styling, as clothing allows for the ultimate expression of one’s identity and mood. Knowing how to incorporate personality into your work is essential. Inez Michiels presents her scientifically tested ID-Colour assessment tool providing quick and playful insight into the design preferences of end users.

Interaction of Colour

by Maja Kaurin

Through various exercises participants learn about colour effects produced through the interaction of colour, comparing the factual and actual colour and thus exploring the principles of colour relativity, temperature, the illusion of transparency and space, and the afterimage effect. By gaining a greater colour awareness they will be able to further explore and use those colour design principles in their own art or design practice.

Colour and Meaning

by Jeannette Hanenburg

Designing with the colour image scale.
The colour image scale is a tool to combine colours in an easy way, developed by Japan’s leading colour psychologist, Shigenobu Kobayashi. The Colour Image Scale is useful for describing the similar and contrasting images of colours. The scale also allows the classification and correlation of various objects (shapes, patterns, clothing, foods, etc.) and the study of personal preferences in these and other areas.
The colour image scale allows you the expression of any mood, lifestyle, or taste through the creative use of colour combinations.

Applied Synaesthetic

by Inez Michiels

Synaesthesia refers to the signified connection between different sensorial systems. Which colours are fresher than others? Just how sweet is pink? What is the sound of a round shape? How does packaging affect the experience of tasting its content? Correctly applied synaesthesia can enhance both a product and the relation to its packaging and presentation. In this session we explore the synaesthetic relationship between olfaction and colour.


Jeannette Hanenburg is founder of the ColourProfessionals institute in Antwerp, a training centre for colour specialists, with a diverse offer of courses and training in the field of colour. She believes that real understanding of colour can only be achieved by experiencing the interactions of colour, and that it involves a lifelong learning. Jeannette is a member of AIC and its 3 international study groups on Colour Education, Environmental Colour Design and The Language of Colour. She is Co-founder of the Belgian Colour Association ICA-Belgium.

Maja Kaurin is a multidisciplinary designer working in architectural, interior, colour and surface design, creating environments that optimise human health and wellbeing. She holds a degree in Architecture and MSc in Colour Dynamics (Environmental Colour Design). She is working on urban rehabilitation projects designing urban colour plans and is designing public and residential buildings with a special interest in environments for education and healthcare. She is a vice-president of ICA-Belgium and a member of AIC Study Groups on Environmental Colour Design and Colour Education.

Inez Michiels is a researcher, designer, and trainer in the field of design semantics. She is co-founder and managing director at CITY OF 8, Design Semantics Research Association. She is Co-founder and board member of ICA-Belgium. Inez has a Master of Arts and was member of the research group at the Artesis-Plantijn University College in Antwerp Belgium. She’s professor Colour & Design Semantics at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre in Brussels. She is guest lecturer at the University of Antwerp and at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore US.

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