We experienced it, and it was good!

The ICA-Belgium COLOUR DAY symposium on 21st of March 2018 is over, but you can relive it and immerse yourself in it through the Book of Papers, some presentations, the posters and the many snapshots published for download on this site.

With around more than 100 attendees from a wide range of colour disciplines, we had a full house at our host ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels.
Thanks to all participants, members, sponsors and especially the speakers and poster presenters who all contributed to this wonderful, interesting, surprising, inspiring day.

Follow us and lets meet again soon.


The ICA-Belgium team




Biomimetic optical nanostructures.
Matthew Shawkey – UGhent

Design Semantic Pathways Colours connecting meaning, emotion and psychology to visual language
Inez Michiels  – CITY OF 8

SlowCity, FastCity, SmartCity. Colours in the built environment.
Verena M. Schindler – AIC

Color as Modernity: Chromatic Ambitions in Art Deco New York
Jada Schumacher  – FIT NY

ColourfulWorld vs. Colourless Design – how to restore colour and material in the education of architects and designers.
Ralf Weber – UDresden

The Color Biolab: a transdisciplinary research on color.
María Boto-Ordóñez – UGhent

Microkosmos – Strange white light properties.
Adrien Lucca – ENSAV La Cambre


Studying emotions and colours in art using Armand Henrion’s self-portrait paintings.
Lucia Camenzind – ULauzanne

Challenges in empirical testing of affective associations with colour.
Domicele Jonauskaite – ULauzanne

Chromatic-tour: a Colour Guide.
Vinciane Lacroix

Semantic Colour Space.
Inez Michiels – CITY OF 8