June 2018

Opleiding in het Licht van de Toekomst !

Specialisatiecursus Verlichting 11/09/2018 De verlichtingssector is in Vlaanderen een belangrijke economische speler. De steeds sterker concurrerende Europese en geglobaliseerde markt dwingt de sector tot innovatie op verschillende terreinen: introduceren van vernieuwde lichtbronnen en ontwikkelen van aangepaste optica voor deze armaturen,... Continue Reading →

Forthecoming colour events, workshops & publications around the world

AIC 2018 SG ECD Meeting During the AIC 2018 Interim Meeting Lisbon in Portugal, the AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design (SG ECD) will organize a meeting on Thursday, 27 September 2018, 3:10–4:30 PM. COLOUR EVENTS Specialisatiecursus Verlichting Startdatum:... Continue Reading →

Colour & Human Comfort at AIC Interim Meeting 2018 Lisbon

The AIC interim meeting on 25-29 September 2018 in Lisbon is all about Colour & Human Comfort. Design is increasingly paying attention to personal well-being, where color plays an essential role, from the clothes we wear to the spaces we... Continue Reading →

ICA-Belgium Book of Papers 2018

The ICA-Belgium COLOUR DAY Symposium held on 21st of March 2018 and hosted by ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, brought together more than 100 attendees from a wide range of colour disciplines. The Book of Papers, some presentations, the posters... Continue Reading →

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