International Colour Day 2023 – ICA Belgium – March 19 2023

On March 19 2023, ICA-Belgium celebrates International Colour Day (ICD) with an online event. ICD celebrations aim to develop awareness of the importance of colour phenomena and culture in the broad domains of Art and the Humanities, Science, and Technology.... Continue Reading →

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Colour Design Workshop: Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue? 1/4/2023

Colour Design Workshop: Who's afraid of red, yellow and blue? 1/4/2023

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International Colour Day 2022 – ICA Belgium

International Colour Day 2022 – ICA Belgium

ICA-Belgium meets the artist Philippe Leblanc 10/10/2021

ICA-Belgium meets the artist Philippe Leblanc 10/10/2021

ICA-Belgium’s sunday morning Online Colour Talk with Liz West 23/05/2021

ICA-Belgium's sunday morning Online Colour Talk with Liz West 23/05/2021

ICA-Belgium’s sunday morning Colour Online Talk with Robert Hirschler 25/04/2021

ICA-Belgium's sunday morning online Colour Talk with Robert Hirschler 25/04/2021

International Colour Day 2021 – ICA Belgium

ICA-Belgium invites you to join the ICD festive virtual gathering with Maria João Durão who proposed the idea of an international colour day in 2009. María Boto & Heleen Sintobin will join us with a talk about Ecology of Color. We will close the... Continue Reading →

EXPO Kleureyck

Van Eyck's Colours in Design An exhibition about the innovative and diverse use of colour, linking the past and present with each other. 13.03 till 6.09.2020 Design Museum Ghent

Visual Science of Art Conference 2019

Leuven, Belgium, August 21-24, 2019 Dear colleagues, It is my pleasure to announce the details regarding this year’s edition of VSAC, incl. the preliminary program and the call for submissions. Call for submissions The 7th edition of the Visual Science... Continue Reading →

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